Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New pictures of The Future Runescape

Okey! the days are coming near for The Future Runescape to come in. Here are the new pictures direct from Runescape website of The Future Runesape. They are for both free and member worlds. Its going to be more realistic and distinctive.

The first improvement is the texture. Almost every inches will have some textures in them and differ from each other.
How do you like those textures?? They are good for a java based game.

The blending add more realistic and immersive environmental effects to Runesape. Before it used to be a flat colour but now there will be greater variety of ground colors. Even the grasses will have textures.
This one really looks beautiful.

What did you see in the horizon before? Is it a complete black surface?? Now it is going to be replaced by fogs so they are going to be natural and smooth. The fog level will also be able to be modified. The Shadows will add more effect to the graphics. The brightness and darkness of places will be different from place to place and the shadows are dynamic. The dynamic shadow!! How about adding runescape clock?

The warcraft and other 3D fans!, runescape had already beaten them in the game play and is going to equalize on the graphics soon enough.

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