Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now Turn to HTML5- web experience and Gaming

I just upgraded my firefox to 4.0. After installation on the start up page there was something flashy icon which brought me to this link

Ahh! more flashy inside. :)
I remember those days when I was kid and used to go cyber to play the miniclip games. It had most of the best flash games at that time. Small flash games would load in an instant, then the bigger ones lagged or took long times to open. Still there are many flash games available on the web.

So those things on the flashy website are made by HTML5, which I exactly don't know what it means but are great. No need to to install additional softwares like for the flash you need to download a flash player.

This website only requires you to have HTML5 supported web browser(new versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, IE9). The best part is you can even run it on your mobile phones. Why it is that a best part? That means you can even play HTML5 games built for mobile phones. Anyway the performance in the HTML5 website directly depends on the browser you are using and having a better GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) also helps.

Think flash is still better ? Think again after viewing this website

Get to know HTML 5 better:

Meanwhile, Firefox 4 rocks. Mmm and Opera super rocks(hope \/,)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here are some Good Bux sites that paid me

Mmm.. guys remember my last post about bux sites? A honest answer here, most of them didn't paid me as I thought they would. The buxgroups were bigger disappointments. They neither paid me nor left the business. Most of scam sites usually vanish after cashing up some moolah. The buxgroups put me in limbo, their ToS, Omg should have read it( smart kid clicked all the way to register. :P) before signing up is complete mess. I even lost(invested, wtf) $6 which I earned from neobux and onbux in that scam site. Ok I gonna stop about the F... scam sites and tell you about the bux sites that did paid me.

The #1 are and .
They are the best out there. I have got a total of $10 from them without much referrals(just 2 referrals) A steady source of little money for your alertpay account or paypal. The little money can be bigger with more referrals anyway.

#2 is aobux. updated 02/03/2011 : Umm wtf this site is now suspended!... Sorry guys... Now i can't trust any Bux sites... They all are scams 

Same like the onbux and neobux but kept on #2 because no additional ads for standard members as in the #1's.

These 3 only has paid me for the total of bux I had registered. Others mostly were scams and in some still minimum amount is not reached.

A thing to note: The "#1" neobux is nowadays giving low paying ads (0.001) from before 0.01 per ad click. If the condition last longer then I will have to let it go. And yah! I am searching for good bux sites that do actually pays.
Update: Onbux is also not working now a days. Its really hard to trust a bux site now a days. For trusted bux sites you can look them up at