Monday, January 25, 2010

The Add-ons Eco system on Firefox - Fourth

Customize Google
Searching had been never so easy without google and now this Addon 'Customize Google'makes it even better. 'Customize Google' lets you customize many features of Google Search. It lets to block the Google ads in almost any Google Page also including Gmail(I loved this one). It remaps Google Images search results to point directly at the images (no longer will you need to click through the originating site). Customize Google lets you add links from other search engines directly into your search results. It can also block Google click tracking and allows you to connect to Google Calendar and Gmail securely (https).

Have you tried the Microsoft's SkyDrive? Here's the one from on your Gmail to store your files(although there is Gdrive on the line). This is not provided by Google but is provided by third party as an add-on and connects to Gmail drive as a new network share on "user's network station".

Gspace is a content management extension that lets you turn your Gmail account into an online mass storage device. Gspace integrates nicely into your browser and lets you drag and drop files into Gmail for backup or storage purposes without interrupting your work flow. If you use Gspace, I recommend adding a tag in Gmail to your files so they can be filtered and accessed quickly. The following is the description of Gspace from its homepage: “Gspace turns the 2GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple, user friendly interface. Listen to your favorite stored music directly from your Gspace, view your collections of pictures and manage your Gdrive files as well. Download Gspace now and transfer files between your computer and Gspace at anytime, from everywhere!”

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