Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes I signed up in the facebook

After hearing so much(too much) of it, I am now compelled to try it out. I had been using Hi5 and had been tackling it hard due to its flashy design(the customized designs on profile). The flashy designs were so much irritating for my eyes and of course slowed the cybercafe's computers(na, mine's fast).

So 2 days ago I signed up in the facebook. The home page was cool(is really? I am confused); standard, no eye candies. The sign up is the fastest one I have had till now. But after the sign up they show me the 3 easy(first steps) steps to go through before you have facebook experience. It took me a lil time to fill them up, anyway they could be skippable. After it was finished the starting page was very confusing to me; Must be due to the hi5. Everything was so short.

One thing that caught my eyes was the "What's on your mind". It was simply like twitter; though you could write long paragraphs on it which is limited to about 150 in twitter. Though the twitter like posting felt good.

A thing about facebook is really irritating. The comfirmation box. You need to time to time confirm the thing you do with the image comfirmation which is for more anger, case sensitive.

Haven't seen much yet, bye for now. Just twitting...

Personalization would be better...

After so much of the reviews without no peoples interest, I will try making this blog a lil more like personalized tech blog. Yeah! thats better!. Yes there will be reviews and launches but with my personal views on it. I guess it will make the blog more interesting.

Hope this will work out for you guys to stick in.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter not just a blog(or micro-blog)!!

"Twitter's growing really, really, really, really fast." A guy on cnet said this. And why not? It really is. The growth of twitter has made me to write some thing about it, and a point to clear that it is not just a blog (or micro blog). It is been said that the Twitter will take over the facebook and other social networking giants.

With more and more people signing on to Twitter, and as it continues to get more attention in the media (both through news stories and as celebrities begin to embrace the channel as a way to connect to their fans and followers), the channel and communication is moving well beyond tweets like, "just ate a hoagie," and more into the role of problem solver.

So much for lots of twitting, it has made it useful as a search engine, though a less hickup for google. It really is a kind of search engine that gets you the real time results from the world. Just search something you want to search in google. From TVs to dogs, love to divorce every thing can be flashed from the real time results.

"Umm I can't write good long words, can I? My words just gets boring as it goes long." Huh! thats twitted.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Download free books from the
Here is a website worth visiting. The e-books you can find here are fiction, adventure, study, history, crime, etc. You also can find many novels, short stories and study books. Though don't expect to get the Harry Potter and the Deadly hallows in this website because it only showcase the books that have no copyright and are also old enough to have dusts in it. Look at the list of categories you can find in the website:

Though there are no new books there still are some of the great stories and novels. There are different formats like html, plucker?, EPUB?, plain text, MS Lit for PocketPC, Palm Database, etc to choose from.

Hey I just went more into it and not just reading books but also listening books are there. Now ain't that cool?