Friday, March 20, 2009

Twitter not just a blog(or micro-blog)!!

"Twitter's growing really, really, really, really fast." A guy on cnet said this. And why not? It really is. The growth of twitter has made me to write some thing about it, and a point to clear that it is not just a blog (or micro blog). It is been said that the Twitter will take over the facebook and other social networking giants.

With more and more people signing on to Twitter, and as it continues to get more attention in the media (both through news stories and as celebrities begin to embrace the channel as a way to connect to their fans and followers), the channel and communication is moving well beyond tweets like, "just ate a hoagie," and more into the role of problem solver.

So much for lots of twitting, it has made it useful as a search engine, though a less hickup for google. It really is a kind of search engine that gets you the real time results from the world. Just search something you want to search in google. From TVs to dogs, love to divorce every thing can be flashed from the real time results.

"Umm I can't write good long words, can I? My words just gets boring as it goes long." Huh! thats twitted.

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