Monday, January 25, 2010

The Add-ons Eco system on Firefox - Fourth

Customize Google
Searching had been never so easy without google and now this Addon 'Customize Google'makes it even better. 'Customize Google' lets you customize many features of Google Search. It lets to block the Google ads in almost any Google Page also including Gmail(I loved this one). It remaps Google Images search results to point directly at the images (no longer will you need to click through the originating site). Customize Google lets you add links from other search engines directly into your search results. It can also block Google click tracking and allows you to connect to Google Calendar and Gmail securely (https).

Have you tried the Microsoft's SkyDrive? Here's the one from on your Gmail to store your files(although there is Gdrive on the line). This is not provided by Google but is provided by third party as an add-on and connects to Gmail drive as a new network share on "user's network station".

Gspace is a content management extension that lets you turn your Gmail account into an online mass storage device. Gspace integrates nicely into your browser and lets you drag and drop files into Gmail for backup or storage purposes without interrupting your work flow. If you use Gspace, I recommend adding a tag in Gmail to your files so they can be filtered and accessed quickly. The following is the description of Gspace from its homepage: “Gspace turns the 2GB of your Gmail account into free online storage. With Gspace you can manage unlimited Gmail accounts to store all type of files within its simple, user friendly interface. Listen to your favorite stored music directly from your Gspace, view your collections of pictures and manage your Gdrive files as well. Download Gspace now and transfer files between your computer and Gspace at anytime, from everywhere!”

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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Add-ons Eco system on Firefox - Third


This is my Personal Favorite. This 'Time Savior' Add-on lets you to preview your desired links without leaving the current page. Just put your mouse over any link then on the blue Magnification Glass icon then the preview of the link automatically shows up without you leaving the page.

Try it on facebook; I actually loved it on Facebook. Searching for friends is easy with this.Here are its features. It works with every website(google, facebook, forums, flicker,blogger,...). Do write if it doesn't.
That is the charm(ie,the product of the mouse over) with no hassel.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Add-ons Eco system on Firefox - Second

AdBlock Plus
If you think your productivity is being hampered by the extra download time of those irritating ads or you just plain find them annoying while browsing the internet, this extension eliminates almost all ads from most web sites. When you start the extension for the first time, you can subscribe to a block list. Also, if you find out later that an ad that should be blocked, isn’t, you can add it manually or even add them on a generic pattern basis. You can also white-list any content you really need but has been mistakenly blocked by AdBlock as an advertisement. This extension gives you a much cleaner and leaner webpage to browse through. To get relieved from ads, download the add-on from

Download Status-Bar

Simplicity is the USP of this extension. It creates a coloured status bar for all your downloads and the progress is depicted by filling the tab icon in the status bar. It auto hides when not in use and does its job very well. You can pause and cancel a download by clicking on the status bar. Very useful with Windows 7, because with auto-grouping, your download tab is hidden from direct view and repeatedly having to check it to monitor your download progress can be inconvenient. The download status bar supports multiple downloads at once and automatically assigns a different coloured progress bar to each for easy tracking. Get it from:

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I Know all my Stats on facebook

Yes I know all my stats on facebook like who visits my profile the most, who comments me most, who visits me most/least and many things like that, that you wished you knew.
This facebook application made it easy to find me the friends who are closest to me (except on the real life) on facebook.

Just been a week since I knew it.

Arrgh! So many applications. I will get through more like these in coming days.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Add-ons Eco system on Firefox

Firefox is a good browser, but it is the Extension Eco System that makes it a great browser. Extensions allow you to add functionality and convenience to your Firefox install and help you enjoy flawless browsing. So here is our top ten list in no particular order.

Think of it as Windows’ Aero/Linux’s Compiz/Mac’s Expose in your browser. You can preview and then open all your tabs via this extension in various 3D Views. You can select from six different views to display the tabs. One interesting and very useful feature is you can switch to Foxtab view (if you have multiple windows open with multiple tabs in each of them) and it will show all the tabs from all the Windows for easy switching in full 3D glory. If you find yourself frequently working with more than 20 tabs, some of which were opened a few hours before and have difficulty in remembering what is there in what, this extension should significantly reduce your neural processing load. You can download FoxTab from

While shopping at Ebay US or any other site, you would’ve wished the prices were displayed in rupees instead of US dollars; or there were no adds or sponsored results on the Google search page. May be even Google image results open directly as the full size image. This extension is the genie’s reply to all that and more. This extensions allows you to customise a web page on the fly based on small bits of Java scripts that can be downloaded according to what you want from .

With the aid of this extension you can make your choosen web sites fit exactly into your desired mould. For instance, you can add video download functionality to video sharing site like youtube, OR disable all ads on myspace OR change the appearance of gmail and lots lots more…With the a strong and large user base, you can be assured of customisation, in the form of a user script. To get this add-on, go to

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Making your own Mobile Page - TagTag,com

Ever tried building a WAP site for yourself? The best place to make those swanky little sites that load off mobile phones, of the type you've always wanted to make, is at

A name synonymous with WAP sites, is the one-stop shop for all your WAP site building needs. An online, java based WAP site builder can be accessed from the site.

Once you've created an account, you can browse through all the WAP sites hosted at You can visit your WAP site at[username]. IT is then tagged under a specification such as "games" or "Personal pages" or you get to choose from 21 other categories.

The WAP site maker has a simple graphical interface like the type you see when composing an e-mail: it lets you change the background image and colors on the site. You can add hyperlinks and images, and make an unlimited number of pages, too. There's no need to learn to code in WAP, WML or XHTML. Each WAP site is alloted 1 MB of Web space, which should allow you to host approximately 30 full ringtones, for instance. offers a free WAP emulation browser called TTemulator, which can be used from a PC to access WAP sites. THis application can be added to pages of other Web sites too.

The site also offers a lot of free content- a collection of games, wallpapers, and ringtones - from its PC-based web sites.

If you have made any 'made for mobile' websites then do show it to us. If impressive I will showcase it here.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Borderlands - Game Review


The story of Borderlands takes us to the desolate planet of Pandora— a wasteland that proudly assures that it is guaranteed to be your final destination. This story is set in the fringe regions of this planet which is made up of scattered outposts; and it is this region from where the game gets its name. Legend has it that this futile planet is home to the Vault— a place where an alien race has stashed away items that will bring its finder unimaginable riches, fame and power. This fable has attracted corporations, deranged bandits and mercenaries, who have made Pandora their permanent home. To get the party started arrive four heroes of our story on a magic bus that sets them on their quest for the Vault. You get to play one of these four fortune hunters and plough your way through the planet’s unruly denizens to reach your destination. Tagging along with you on this pursuit is a mysterious pale skinned woman with haunting blue eyes; someone who is recognized by some, simply as the guardian angel. The mysteries surrounding her true nature are only surpassed by her motives behind assisting you.


The first order of the day is to gain the trust of some of the locals who can help you find the location of the Vault. This of course entails running a lot of errands for them or even playing the role of an assassin; and this is where the game gets really funny. Most of these characters are based on stereotypical, trigger-happy, incestuous rednecks with loose temper and even looser morals. Even though it is in short supply, whatever little voice acting the game has, it does a great job of injecting some much needed life into the game. It is especially entertaining when the game’s characters start rambling on about some inconsequential anecdote which is quite humorous, although in a demented kind of away. Then there are these helper droids scattered through-out the game world, nicknamed Claptrap. These over-zealous robots often find themselves on the wrong side of a gun and getting them out of the thick often comes with substantial rewards. Claptrap’s character animation, the voice-acting combined with the script, and the overall attitude of these droids makes them one of the most memorable characters in a game. In fact, they have the potential of joining the ranks of some of the iconic characters in the world of gaming; and I would not be surprised to see one of them on the cover of the game’s sequel.


Borderlands game-play elements can best be described as Diablo with guns. This is something that Flagship Studios tried to do with Hellgate: London— the only real difference is that Gearbox has done far better. This game has four character classes: Berserker, Hunter, Siren and Soldier, and thankfully they are not based on RPG archetypes. The developers have done a fine job of mixing typical character traits to define well balanced classes where each of them can hold their own or even lead a party. This is further aided by the games feature which allows you to respec your character’s skill tree at an insignificant cost. You may not find a lot of use for this feature in a single-player game; however it is very helpful while playing online, especially during high-level raids. Even though each character’s skills may favor one weapon over the other; weapon proficiencies are kept open for all classes and even a Hunter can be deadly with a combat rifle. Additionally, there are no class exclusive weapon types in Borderlands, and almost every item in the game can be used by any of the four character classes. This is perhaps the single most noteworthy element of the game’s design, because the choice of one’s playing style is not stifled by any class restrictions. To give you an example, I mostly play Borderlands with the Hunter class. Even though character’s skills make him extremely deadly with a sniper rifle, he can be just as effective with a shotgun or a combat rifle when the situation calls for it. So unlike most other games, a ranged specialist in this game does not feel out of place or vulnerable in tight corridors.


One feature of the game that the developers have been hawking about throughout the time of the game’s release is its weapons generation system. This feature is once again borrowed from the mother of all modern day action role-playing games—Diablo. The game’s weapons system has a list of weapon types and several damage affecting or bonus giving stats. Each time a chest is opened or a felled enemy drops loot, this system will generate items by mixing and matching elements from that table. The type and quality of the drops depend on several factors, like your character level, the enemy’s level or the type of container that is opened. Finally a random element is added to the equation that can simply be described as luck. The adapted system used by Gearbox is of course more complex than the one Diablo II used, because the variables not only affect a weapon’s stats, but they also determine its appearance. The plot in Borderlands is paper-thin, so it will perhaps only be lasting fun if you are like me and go bug-eyed each time you open a high-level chest, or watch oodles of loot falling out of a level’s final boss.


The first play-through takes about 20-odd hours to complete and you can play through the game a second time with the same character if you want to reach the game’s level cap of 50. There are lots of side-quests available in Borderlands and if you pursue them all, the game’s playtime will substantially increase. Unfortunately, the game’s quest rewards and an area’s enemies do not scale well to a high level character and as a result most of the quests are rendered less tempting. I actually abandoned a few quests during my play-through, as the incentive for completing one quest quickly dwindles while you are busy with your current quest.


The multiplayer feature on the PC version of Borderlands uses the Game Spy network. Creating a new account and connecting to their server was a quick and painless experience; not considering downloading and installing two 250MB game patches. I did experience some lag during a couple of sessions; but then again maybe I should not be expecting much until I am stuck in the Dark Ages of bandwidth with a 256kbps connection. The game’s network allows you to even host a private game; something which is highly recommended in case you want to have a proper team based session with some semblance of order. Most of the rabble I encountered online where high level characters running around frantically looking for precious loot. This kind of behavior is not only justified, but also expected, since there is very little else to do once have capped your character’s level.


Overall Borderlands is a pretty tight game and it is a commendable effort on Gearbox’s part to succeed in a genre where many have failed. They have picked the right elements from other games in its category, weeded out most of the issues and packaged all of it in a world designed with a unique anarchist appeal to it. This is not to say that it is a perfect game, as there are a few striking issues with it. Such as, there is a visible lack of variety in enemy types and game locations. Enemy AI is somewhat weak and predictable, and it poses a challenge only when they start flanking. Considering only the main quest, the game also feels pretty short after playing some of the other action role-playing games. For me, the game’s ending left a lot to be desired and turned up to be something of an anti-climax. Lastly, and I know we have been hearing a lot of this lately, but once again PC version seems to have gotten the wrong end of the stick with this game’s port. Using Page Up and Page Down to scroll through text is so last century. These are just some minor niggles and do not take away a lot from what is largely an enjoyable game. At a price about $15, Borderlands on PC is truly a very tempting proposition.

Rating: 8.0/10


Genre: FPS, Action RPG
Platforms: PlayStation 3, PC, XBOX 360
Developer: Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games
Distributor: E-Xpress

Reviewed on PC