Sunday, September 21, 2008

See that? Windows live mail coming soon.

Anyone with a windows mail have known what the the coming soon is all about. Yes, after some years of clearly dumping the ideas that its opponents took, now Microsoft has finally considered it.

After the coming soon tag ends there will be 70 percent faster to sign in and working around. There will also be improved security on detecting the spam and viruses. The eye candy is going to be replaced by simple, clean design and user selected design.

There is more probability that there will be unlimited storage space or at least a 10 GB of storage space.
The most awaited feature would be the IM right from your mail. Now most of the top email clients has the feature and Windows Live mail would be the last one to do it.

That's it now wait for the new improved Windows Live Mail to come soon.

The question is are they giving anything new, innovative to us?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Runescape new update for Clan Wars, Beware of scam

You might have seen the new update to the clan wars. Now you can choose new arenas to fight, new ways.

The new ways to fight include re spawning after death, play for certain time, number of kills needed for victory.

And this might be the most awaited by pkers; the drop item after death. This one is cool but beware if you don't want it drop you items.

There is no confirmation box here, so like in the past trades, you can be scammed to play a drop item after death by just clicking on accept. This is an easy scam, just click on the center box saying drop item match, if the other user removes it then again click it, do it time to time fast and you might be able to trick the other player and play the drop item match. Good for you but when you die it feels very bad.

But don't worry getting scammed. If you see it is not the criteria of the war you wanted you can easily forfeit through the portal. You can also see an icon saying; on death: items are safe or dropped.

It would be better if it had the confirmation box as in the Duel Tournament showing what are the criteria for fighting.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google wants more, now Google Crome

Its clear that google is not going to stop, from internet market to desktop applications, now it has come with a new browser, named Google Chrome. The release was on the 2nd september 2008. It is a beta version and currently only for Microsoft windows.

The interface is cool. See the tab? The tabs are placed on the top opposite to the other browsers. Google gives motto 'minimal design with sophisticated technology'

Several websites have performed benchmark tests using the Sunspider JavaScript Benchmark tool as well as Google's own set of computationally intense benchmarks, which includes ray tracing and constraint solving. They unanimously report that it performs much faster than all competitors, including Safari, Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8. While Opera has not been compared to Chrome yet, in previous tests, it has been shown to perform a bit slower than Firefox 3, which in turn is slower than Chrome. Another blog post by a Mozilla developer comparing the Javascript engines in Firefox 3.1 & Chrome using the Sunspider test results states that some tests are faster in one engine and some are faster in the other.

The design has some vista touch. The interface is not new as you can see the 'Most Visited' on the opening of new tab is same like the 'Speed Dial' in the Opera. The intelligent address bar is not new too as you can also see it in the new Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Showcase your images through Lightbox2
Hey check this fantastic freeware for showcasing your images in your website. It works with javascript. This is really cool and easy to setup.
Just go to the link above.

+ points
1. cool display
2. navigation

- points
1. when the user blocks images then the page gets stucked to the loading of image and you cannot do anything in the page. So reload.
2. when the javascript is disabled by user certainly it won't work but the loading of link won't work either.