Saturday, May 24, 2008

The most popular game of all time!

You might be thinking the most popular game of all time would probably be the big games like, Halo, Sims, Pokemon? But that is not. According to Solitaire is the most popular game of all time. Solitaire is included on every Windows PC by default. It is mostly popular among the employees who want to spend their boring times.

The solitaire was motivated to develop during the windows 3.0. Since then solitaire has been the best games and tutorial to click and drag. Playing the solitaire is simple and anyone with some basic concepts can play it. You need to know to put the cards on the descending order with alternate colors and again to ascending order with same type cards.

What after the Solitaire. You may not need to go far. Its probably the minesweeper.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Making a completely Free Website (better places)

Website has truly been a part of our internet lifestyle nowadays. From a personal website to the whopping business websites, we cannot live without making one of them. Making website may cost money (most of the times, large) but they are also for free. So here we talk of making the websites for free.
  1. Well for making a free website first of all, you need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. I am not going to give you a tutorial about them here, so to know them you can go to the . If you can, learn some JavaScript and optional, php or asp.
  2. Well then sign up for a free web hosting services. Have you found any good one? If you have, then please take time to inform us on the comment. Well I have got one for you, this is my personal choice. It is . This one has not got a site builder but here are some of its features:
    • 6GB of Space
    • 50 GB of Bandwidth
    • FTP File Management
    • PHP, MySQL (15 databases)
    • Free .com for Good quality websites
    • No any advertisements at all.
  3. Ok no more advertisements. If you know how to do web design and programming, zymic is the best place for you.
  4. If you aren't good at web designing or don't know HTML and CSS then you can use site builders. Googlepages gives you a very reliable platform. You get to choose templates for your website through a long list and you just need to do is fill up your website. It too has no ads.
  5. The another alternative to googlepages is freewebs, a template based web site builder. It has very good user interface and is easy to use. You can get different javascript glitters, guestbook and chat room for your website. The only drawback of freewebs, it has ads in it.
  6. If you are going to stick with zymic then there are lots of choices than making your own design. Choose from different web templates from freewebsitetemplates. You can get more by searching.
  7. Well finished with choosing the hosting service, now you just need to write contents for your website, manage them properly, and then publish them.
  8. Then comes the part of making your website popular. I have already explained it in my older post.

Well following the above steps you can create your own, Completely FREE website. Note:This post is not powered by zymic.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dailymotion beating the youtube!

Dailymotion is definitely trying to take over YouTube, the most popular video sharing website. Well the Dailymotion is just a 1 rank behind YouTube and already winning lots of hearts.

Dailymotion is a free video sharing website. Its aim is to allow sharing of video just like in YouTube. Dailymotion was founded on March 15th, 2005 in France. In July of 2007 they opened in the United States to increase their presence there.

Dailymotion has some unique advantages over the YouTube. It now supports HD videos of 1028 X 728 resolutions; the YouTube still lacks it. The video size can be up to 150 MB and duration can be 20 minutes. The features of Dailymotion are twice what YouTube offers, and the video quality is much better then YouTube.

Dailymotion is a good choice for the one who needs good quality videos. You can also watch movies here, but don’t expect the blockbusters; the movies are small and made for internet community. You get lots of channels to choose from, with easy navigation thorough out the site.

When watching a video you can directly view from the middle of the video, saving the time to load. If you are looking for an better alternative for YouTube, Dailymotion is it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Future of Runescape!!?

If you are a regular Runescape player then you must have noticed the 'Send Us Your Specs' post, haven't you? If you haven't, then do it now. The small software will fetch your computer specification to the JAGEX to improve the game and make its future available to majority of the players.



You can see the 'after' picture is the Future of Runescape. It has quite good detailed environment graphics. The pebbles on the ground are decent, more textures on the roads and wood carvings. The most impressive is the shadows. You can see shadows on some angle to the ground. Does the shadows means there's going to be day and night on runescape and will they move? Or will the shadows just sit in one place all the time?

Though a small thing, the texture of face of players has not been improved. Though you can see added textures on the clothes the facial texture would be an added bonus.

Don't expect the future of runescape to be like the warcraft, but for a java game it is almost the best you can get.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Making your website/blog popular

Finished with the designing tips?? I have here a set of traditions that can help you make your website or a blog popular.

A Proper Domain
In order to make your website/blog easier for the peoples to visit you need to have a proper and easy to remember domain. Having a long domain is forgettable for the peoples. So try to get a correct keyword and short domain as much as possible.

Frequent update
It is very important that you update and add new contents and posts regularly. For the first few months it is very important work to do nor it will tire your visitors. The frequent updates can help you get some loyal visitors.

Profile Advertisement
You must have got your membership in some Social Networking Websites, haven’t you? Most of the websites has a small field for your website. Enter you website there and also give some description about your website on your profile. When you friends will visit your profile, and may also visit your website/blog.

Forums are also a good place. On the signature or your profile you can have a link to your website/blog. During the discussions, some guys will of course have a look at your link. To attract more visitors through this method make sure you are good at discussing and you should have good replies.

Links Exchange
By this method, if your links are on the high trafficked website/blog then you can have lots of visitors. You can find many links exchanging websites. Here are some of them -

You’ve got money to burn?
You can advertise your website/blog on some advertisement websites by paying them some money. Adwords is one of the popular advertising website. It offers PPC (Pay per Click) service, so you only need to pay when someone visits your website/blog.

Report says about 70% websites are visited through search. For SEO you can follow the simple steps
- Fill up the META tag. Though now days the leading search engines don’t rely on it but it can be useful.
- Make a good title and also base your topics and contents according to your website/blog title. The words you have on your website/blog’s title make sure you have them on your contents too.
- Make many links as possible to your contents or posts. This will increase your search engine rankings.

Content Sharing
If you have a good content on your website or your blog, then what you can do is share your content to bookmarking websites like the and You need to enter some parts of your content and then also have a link to your website/blog. The bookmarking websites has tones of users and some of them will eventually look up at your content and thus enter your website/blog.

Interacting with others
Two similar minded website/blogs can interact with each other. Like sending them emails on the related topics and giving comments to their contents. The interaction with each other can make him view your website/blog. With the interactions you will have some loyal readers.

Be Controversial
By being controversial you may get criticized but it really helps increasing your website traffic. This creates a set of discussions on the topic and you can get some regular visitors. But be controversial for good.

Answer your replies
When a user send you a reply through an email or comment then don’t hesitate to give reply them. This will make them feel you are committed to what you are doing and you can get some regular viewers. While replying, make sure it is understandable and polite.

So try them out. You can find relevant changes on the traffic to your website. If you want to know about your visitors use some site meter services like googleanalytics. I will be updating this post new ideas comes out.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Microsoft pulls its offer to Yahoo

Lately the software giant Microsoft has pulled back its bid of $44.6 billion for Yahoo!. Microsoft failed to convince Yahoo board of directors for the bid.

Microsoft offered approximately $44.6 billion in a half-cash, half-stock deal, which represented a premium of more than 60% to Yahoo's stock price at the time. Yahoo's board of directors rejected this offer as it undervalued its business.

Yahoo is still firm on its decision. Microsoft had increased its bid from $31 per share to $33 but Yahoo rejected it as they were expecting $37 per share.

With this Yahoo! has lost the superiority of a software giant and Microsoft has diminished it's hope to stand on the internet advertising. With less than 5% users using Microsoft Search engine, it is clear that Microsoft needs Yahoo, more than Yahoo needs Microsoft.

Also there has been a decrease in the yahoo Stock price after Microsoft pulled back.

In other cases, Yahoo is likely to have deals with Google and AOL. But none have come up with a competing proposal.