Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Making a completely Free Website (better places)

Website has truly been a part of our internet lifestyle nowadays. From a personal website to the whopping business websites, we cannot live without making one of them. Making website may cost money (most of the times, large) but they are also for free. So here we talk of making the websites for free.
  1. Well for making a free website first of all, you need to have knowledge of HTML and CSS. I am not going to give you a tutorial about them here, so to know them you can go to the http://www.w3schools.com . If you can, learn some JavaScript and optional, php or asp.
  2. Well then sign up for a free web hosting services. Have you found any good one? If you have, then please take time to inform us on the comment. Well I have got one for you, this is my personal choice. It is http://www.zymic.com . This one has not got a site builder but here are some of its features:
    • 6GB of Space
    • 50 GB of Bandwidth
    • FTP File Management
    • PHP, MySQL (15 databases)
    • Free .com for Good quality websites
    • No any advertisements at all.
  3. Ok no more advertisements. If you know how to do web design and programming, zymic is the best place for you.
  4. If you aren't good at web designing or don't know HTML and CSS then you can use site builders. Googlepages gives you a very reliable platform. You get to choose templates for your website through a long list and you just need to do is fill up your website. It too has no ads.
  5. The another alternative to googlepages is freewebs, a template based web site builder. It has very good user interface and is easy to use. You can get different javascript glitters, guestbook and chat room for your website. The only drawback of freewebs, it has ads in it.
  6. If you are going to stick with zymic then there are lots of choices than making your own design. Choose from different web templates from freewebsitetemplates. You can get more by searching.
  7. Well finished with choosing the hosting service, now you just need to write contents for your website, manage them properly, and then publish them.
  8. Then comes the part of making your website popular. I have already explained it in my older post.

Well following the above steps you can create your own, Completely FREE website. Note:This post is not powered by zymic.

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