Friday, May 16, 2008

Dailymotion beating the youtube!

Dailymotion is definitely trying to take over YouTube, the most popular video sharing website. Well the Dailymotion is just a 1 rank behind YouTube and already winning lots of hearts.

Dailymotion is a free video sharing website. Its aim is to allow sharing of video just like in YouTube. Dailymotion was founded on March 15th, 2005 in France. In July of 2007 they opened in the United States to increase their presence there.

Dailymotion has some unique advantages over the YouTube. It now supports HD videos of 1028 X 728 resolutions; the YouTube still lacks it. The video size can be up to 150 MB and duration can be 20 minutes. The features of Dailymotion are twice what YouTube offers, and the video quality is much better then YouTube.

Dailymotion is a good choice for the one who needs good quality videos. You can also watch movies here, but don’t expect the blockbusters; the movies are small and made for internet community. You get lots of channels to choose from, with easy navigation thorough out the site.

When watching a video you can directly view from the middle of the video, saving the time to load. If you are looking for an better alternative for YouTube, Dailymotion is it.

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