Saturday, May 24, 2008

The most popular game of all time!

You might be thinking the most popular game of all time would probably be the big games like, Halo, Sims, Pokemon? But that is not. According to Solitaire is the most popular game of all time. Solitaire is included on every Windows PC by default. It is mostly popular among the employees who want to spend their boring times.

The solitaire was motivated to develop during the windows 3.0. Since then solitaire has been the best games and tutorial to click and drag. Playing the solitaire is simple and anyone with some basic concepts can play it. You need to know to put the cards on the descending order with alternate colors and again to ascending order with same type cards.

What after the Solitaire. You may not need to go far. Its probably the minesweeper.

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  1. i would rather go for the RPG games.