Saturday, April 25, 2009

I can't stop it... Man! I am getting used to facebook...

Guys, I told you that I will be off for some weeks but this facebook thing just didn't let me have it. I must say I am close to being addicted. The big part of this facebook addiction goes to the games from playfish. The little flash games from playfish that test your knowledge is what keeping me signing in the facebook.

The friends network has a little part to do. I still have only about 5 friends on my network.

Any way here are the games that kept me addicted. I think you guys know them becoz there are millions of peoples playing them..

The geo Challenge

Who has the Biggest Brain
This one is my favorite. It's the best brain tester I have found.( this is the only one I have found). You gotta be really fast and have fast brain to make worthy points.

Word Challenge

The best thing about these games is that they rate you according to how you have played. And thats the main thing that makes you attached to the game. You don't wanna be a monkey, do you? (play the games, you will know)

OK that's it for this time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's just started, and I am feeling bored at Facebook

Well, on facebook I have made just 4 friends till now. So the things are usually boring at facebook for me . I hope it won't be boring when I make some more worthy friends.

It has just been some 2 and half weeks of me on facebook. I am doing my best getting used to facebook. Ha! not succesful at times.. I request for friends to about a dozen peoples and just 2 accepted.

More to say, the security check is really reallly really irritating.

Give me some tips on using facebook. How do peoples get so much hanged on it. I want to see it. That the question I ask to everyone on facebook.

However, one girl mere 2-3 years bigger than me make some busy, interesting times. She is of course good to talk. Why not? she used to live in Nepal.

Hey I haven't tried the Groups. I will join a group right now.

Join me if you want..

Ahh! on the final note: I have an annual exam coming so I will be off for about a month. So bye. C ya.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Facebook friend saves life of a death wish

The news is around. Watching the videos of some jack ass doing sucide on the internet video made the news before. Now there's and positive news about the internet duties. A girl living some where in Maryland USA sparked a string of emergency when her chat friend, a British, said he was going to sucide. The girl told her mother about it and then it went to the police who finally found the boy's home and found him unconsious on the bed and rushed him to hospital. The boy was saved.

Thanks to the girl, at lease some one has made the scoldings on the dull internet communites stop. We need to congratulate the girl on her brave and intelligent work on such a serious condition. Thumbs up! for her. 

And for the guys who see such kind of activities without any regret of what you should have done; you are a dumb! Hak! no words to express.

Anyway once more thumbs up! and congratulations girl for your humanly work.