Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's just started, and I am feeling bored at Facebook

Well, on facebook I have made just 4 friends till now. So the things are usually boring at facebook for me . I hope it won't be boring when I make some more worthy friends.

It has just been some 2 and half weeks of me on facebook. I am doing my best getting used to facebook. Ha! not succesful at times.. I request for friends to about a dozen peoples and just 2 accepted.

More to say, the security check is really reallly really irritating.

Give me some tips on using facebook. How do peoples get so much hanged on it. I want to see it. That the question I ask to everyone on facebook.

However, one girl mere 2-3 years bigger than me make some busy, interesting times. She is of course good to talk. Why not? she used to live in Nepal.

Hey I haven't tried the Groups. I will join a group right now.

Join me if you want..

Ahh! on the final note: I have an annual exam coming so I will be off for about a month. So bye. C ya.

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