Saturday, April 4, 2009

Facebook friend saves life of a death wish

The news is around. Watching the videos of some jack ass doing sucide on the internet video made the news before. Now there's and positive news about the internet duties. A girl living some where in Maryland USA sparked a string of emergency when her chat friend, a British, said he was going to sucide. The girl told her mother about it and then it went to the police who finally found the boy's home and found him unconsious on the bed and rushed him to hospital. The boy was saved.

Thanks to the girl, at lease some one has made the scoldings on the dull internet communites stop. We need to congratulate the girl on her brave and intelligent work on such a serious condition. Thumbs up! for her. 

And for the guys who see such kind of activities without any regret of what you should have done; you are a dumb! Hak! no words to express.

Anyway once more thumbs up! and congratulations girl for your humanly work.

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