Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Future of Runescape!!?

If you are a regular Runescape player then you must have noticed the 'Send Us Your Specs' post, haven't you? If you haven't, then do it now. The small software will fetch your computer specification to the JAGEX to improve the game and make its future available to majority of the players.



You can see the 'after' picture is the Future of Runescape. It has quite good detailed environment graphics. The pebbles on the ground are decent, more textures on the roads and wood carvings. The most impressive is the shadows. You can see shadows on some angle to the ground. Does the shadows means there's going to be day and night on runescape and will they move? Or will the shadows just sit in one place all the time?

Though a small thing, the texture of face of players has not been improved. Though you can see added textures on the clothes the facial texture would be an added bonus.

Don't expect the future of runescape to be like the warcraft, but for a java game it is almost the best you can get.

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