Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Playing Runescape in Free world

Well Runescape a Java based MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is no doubt attracting so many peoples. I am too a player of this game and i am trying hard not to get addicted. Here we talk about playing Runescape in the Free World.

Runescape has always been cherished for its game play. Though mostly Member Worlds were more enjoyable, but now, due to some of its recent updates, Runescape should be appreciated for its path to give Free Worlds with some good minigames to play. The new minigames are Duel Arena, The Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars and the Fist of Gutix. Though there are still no Quest updates for Free Worlds.

Duel Arena

It is one of the first minigame open for Free World. You can duel with other players for a friendly or a stake of 3k duel. You can choose how to duel, like, no food, no melee, no armors and many more. Well if you have any fight or quarrel with other players then it would be definitely worth a visit.

The Bounty Hunter

It is the heaven sometimes hell. When it first came out it was definitely a hell. It has multi fight, so a when you enter the arena a group of players would attack you and you would be pawned; so bad. Now this arena has been changed into a one on one fight. If you die here you will loose everything you have with you except the one which you protect with your prayer. But if you can kill then that would be treasure hunting.

Clan Wars

This is where you make a clan of players and then fight with another clan. It is a safe mini game and very enjoyable. When you create or join a clan you can be promoted to posts according to the leader. You are given some time before the fight to plan your strategies or just wait for an attack. When the bars are down you can start the fight, the last team standing would

Fist of Gutix

Probably the most liked and enjoyable minigame for Free World. You need to collect many charges as possible and should be more than your opponent to win. When you win you get ratings and tokens. The tokens are the heart of this game. From the tokens you can buy much new stuff and they are cool. If you are clever enough then you can win to a high level too but if not you are sure to loose. Just entering the center won’t do it, you need to run and escape out of the opponent’s sight.

So can these minigames really hold the load of Free Worlds?


  1. I see playing runescape free is cool too like the members. The fist of gutix has large sets of items, i love that.
    I am desperate to get a quest update.

  2. Thanks for your comment.
    It would be great if you talk about your experience with the fist of Gutix.
    Ya most of the peoples are waiting for a free quest update.

  3. Umm, I am doing great with the fist of Gutix.
    I have defeated 104+ levels about 5 times. I have about 1000 ratings, made some full sets. And making more tokens.

    Thats it.