Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new Runescape and too much of eye candy

Finally, the wait is over for a new improved Runescape.
Now while you open the Runescape then you might have your mouths opened. Runescape has now changed, graphics and a new web site environment.

The Low detail login

The graphics are fantastic as any other 3D games. When you log in on a high detail level you mouth gonna be wider. The game background environment goes on changing showing the places around the Runesacpe; it is like the one on PC games (you know farcry, Prince OPs).

The High detail logins

But one thing is that, you need to be a member to log into the high detail game. For now the High detail level is on a beta stage so Free players can hope to get the High level after the testing phase is finished. Look at the system requirements of the High detail and the screen shots.

Then comming to the web site, yes the website interface has been changed. The interface is not so much new and looks alike the other MMOGs' web interface. Lots of graphics, informations are compacted and for the first time visitors it may look like "is this the website of runescape? where am I?". Starting with the new interface you get really stuck for sometime where that thing is but soon you will get the hold of it. Anyway I think if the web site interface had been better.

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