Monday, July 21, 2008

Online picture editing from picnik

Picnik is a really cool and free site which has basic photo-editing features from rotating, cropping and resizing images to adjustment of saturation, contrast and even red-eye removal.

Using this site is very simple. Go to the site and upload your photo. You can work with your photos on myspace, flickr, facebook, photobucket, picasa, webshots, freewebs and your computer.

Next, you will be taken to a Web page having a menu with the several options.The rotate option allows for clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation of images and even flipping images horizontally or vertically. There is also a slider to make the image rotate by an angle of your choice. Cropping gives the facility to select only that part of the image that you wish to use. Drag the selection area larger or smaller by using the mouse. Resizing the image can be done to change the resolution or the aspect ratio of the image.

The exposure menu option offers the feature of changing the contrast or exposure of the image. The colours option is to be used to adjust the saturation or the temperature of the image giving it a fuller appearance. Both are done using slider controls.

The sharpness of the image can be adjusted using the sharpness menu option. This is useful for noise-removal or improving the quality of grainy images. The red-eye removal menu option is used to remove the unwanted effects of a flash on the eyes of people who are present in the photo.

Overall picnik is a good and powerful image editing website.

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