Monday, June 30, 2008

Let others know, I am here!

What is a web presence? Is it just having an email id and surfing through website? Is it making a website? In fact it is all those things and much more. It is almost like creating you identity online like the offline world.

So here go some tips on how you can create your identity online.
1. E-mail
The most important thing you need to have to stay on the online world is that you have an e-mail. You can see wide variety of free email providers now, though Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail are the leading ones. Yahoo offers unlimited web space, Gmail offers 6.5 GB (and increasing) and Hotmail offers 5 GB space.

2. IMs

Instant Messengers (IMs) are inevitable for you presence in the web. You can get an IM service from almost all e-mail providers and some ‘made for IM’ like skype. They two have same things in common, you need to sign up, add contacts and then chat. This is a free service almost every where so make sure you use it.

Some simple rules on using the E-mail and IMs.
1. Do not all in caps. Typing all in caps means that you are yelling or screaming online. Various studies on the topic reflect that it is more difficult and takes longer time to read the texts all in caps.
2. Do not leave your subject field blank. This is very important for you email receiver to know about the email and manage it. Avoid using all caps or all small case, terms such as ‘Hi’, ‘Help’ or ‘Please Respond’, or the recipient’s name in the subject field, as you may be misidentified as a spammer, and your e-mail automatically deleted.
3. Avoid using colored text and background colors or images on your e-mails or chatting. You color and formatting choices can make your texts impossible bto read.
4. When you need to send email to a group of peoples then prefer using BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) field than the ‘To’ field. When an email is sent through BCC field then the recipients will get a copy of the email while their email address remains invisible to other recipients. Long lists of email addresses at the beginning of any email is an immediate sign that the sender is either a novice or doesn’t care to respect other’s privacy.
5. Don’t send spam emails. These are like sending or forwarding chain letters, with so called informative stuffs or advertisements. This just annoys the recipient and you may be forever send to junk group or furthermore ‘delete contact’.
6. Never give out your personal information without confirming you are communicating with a reputable party.
7. Don’t reply to nasty or spam emails. Just hit ‘Delete’ to those kind of emails.
8. Use emoticons or acronym to covey your message in short. When you are happy send a smiley .

3. Online Social Networking websites
The online social networking website lets you connect with your friends and make friends of similar interests. Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, hi5, Bebo are some of the social networking websites around. But don’t just go to anyone without knowing where you friends are. Choose the one with the most of your friends on.

4. Making your own website / Blog
A sign of being professional on the internet is that you have your own website or a blog. You can get your website for free or paid service. For a free website and are suitable, and with payments you can make high end website with,, and many others.

Blogging is a free service but there are some paid ones too. For blogging the best ones around are the and It is not necessary to know HTML to blog. You can have your personal blog or a family blog or a business blog. Blog is now accepted as a wise tool to share information and get news and gossip about.

Making them popular is way another thing to do. I have given you tips how to make your website/ blog popular on my previous posts.

5. Forums
The usefulness of online communities is best represented by looking at various forums. It’s the simplest way for like-minded people, or people with a common interest, to come together and share their thoughts and opinions in true online style, without having to take trouble to actually meet anyone.

If you haven’t used a forum then please use anyone and don’t take it lightly, this is where you can gain lots of reputation and diminish it too. While using forum you may also find some addicted ones who are very much committed to forums. These are peoples who post several times a day and are significantly responsible for its growth.

We don't need to refer you the forums that's ur job to find your likely forums.

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