Saturday, June 21, 2008

I love you because...

After some time, when the sheen of romance wears off and you feel that being in love is just another thing in your mundane life, that you are no longer that special someone, you beloved comes along and does something really special though it might be as insignificant as tucking that irritating lock of hair behind your ear when you are arms deep mixing dough for the rotis for dinner. Then it all comes back to you, all the reasons - big and small - why this person is so special to you.

So this time why not to list down the reasons why you love him/her, get it framed and help it to remind you of all the special things that this person has done for you.

I love you because...

* You take time to make me feel appreciated.
* Of they way you love me.
* You respect my family and friends.
* you give me space.
* You respect my work and the effort I put in.
* You believe me when at times when I don't believe myself.
* You tolerate my mood swings.
* I can call you at odd hours.
* And i know that you will listen to all my crazy talks.
* I can pretend to be angry knowing that you will let me get my way.
* You stand all my dramatics.
* Even in my bad hair days, you tell me I'm beautiful.
* Of the small things you do to make my life easier.
* Of the silly things you do just to make me laugh.
* When I lose all hope, you are there to reassure me.
* You are the first one to give me call in the day, and the last one to wish me a sweet dreams.
* Even when we fight, we know it's not forever.
* You don't get embarrassed when i cry during the movies.
* You sing to woo me at times.
* You make me feel beautiful.
* You wait for me even if I'm an hour late.
* You love me for who I am.
* You try to remember all the important dates.
* I come first in your life.
* You make me feel important.
* You bring me tea inm bed.
* You are you.

I love you for these things, those things, something else, anything and everything.

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After this likeweb is going to run in its normal speed again, and later we will be having more of these types of stuffs.

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