Monday, June 16, 2008

Some love bliss... Myths busted

Everyone knows it’s difficult to find true love, but the problem lies not only in finding the right person, but on making the relation work. One thing that ruins most of the relationships is high expectations. People believe that romance as shown in the movies is what an ideal love life should be like. But here’s a reality check: Life is not two hours of entertainment directed by cool dude.

Though there are no foolproof plans or magical rules for romantic bliss, unrealistic expectations can strain even the most loving of relationships. These are just a few false expectations and fantasies that people expect from relationships and end up destroying it.

We should be together 24/7
It’s great that you’ve found ‘the person’, but that doesn’t mean the end of the way you live life. Couples do not have to hang out together all the time. You can have your group of friends or hobbies, which will help you to be yourself and maintain your individuality. This will lead you to have your won space to grow and make you eager to spend time with your loved one.

You won’t be attracted to anyone else.
It is a must for one to be faithful and committed in a serious relationship but that doesn’t mean you will not be attracted to someone else. Its normal human nature to find someone attractive and it is equally normal to find someone else attractive even if you are in a committed relationship. But that doesn’t mean you start cheating. You should know where to draw the line, and make sure that it’s drawn using a permanent marker.

Your lover is a mind-reader.
It’s true that once you are in a relationship you tend to understand a lot of things about each other, but that does not mean that your beloved can read your mind. If something is troubling you or you are not happy with his/her behaviour, be verbal about your doubts. Don’t say “Nothing is wrong” and sulk because s/he doesn’t do anything to comfort you or put your doubts to rest.

S/He’ll change overnight
Don’t and I repeat don’t ever expect him/her to change overnight. The two of you are different individuals with different choices and preferences, so expecting him/her according to your choices will end up making him/her another you. Every person is different, and that is what make that person special.

We have to share everything
It is not necessary to let your other half know what is going in your mind all the times. Yes, honesty is the strength of all successful relationships. But brutal truths should not be uttered a the price of hurting your better half. Anything that will hurt their feelings should be kept to yourself.

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