Sunday, June 15, 2008

A full week of lifestyle and making a happier out look

Likeweb is going to run a full week of lifestyle. It is not a special day but this idea is of course good. Technology anyhow affects the lifestyle and so does vice versa. It is going to be spiritual, humorous and more likely, useful.

Life is short but a smile is only a seconds effort.(..more)
So this week we will learn how to smile,at least.

Starting with, 'How to develop a happier out look?'
*When you first open your eyes in the morning tell yourself “It is good to be alive. Today will be better than yesterday.”
*Never forget you have control over you life. Tell yourself “I am in charge”
*Be glad when you go to your work. Be happy, you have a job, be thankful you are earning a living.
*If you are out of work, remember you have the talents to get another job, so your present situation is only temporary.
*Use your leisure time to the most. Do not sit around when you can be out having fun or enjoying a hobby.
*Do not allow money problems to trouble you.
*Avoid comparing yourself with others.
*Be less critical. Accept your limitations and those of your friends. Focus on your good points and others.
*Improve your sense of humor. Do not take yourself so seriously. Try to crack a joke in the face of adversity.
*Take your time. Do not try to get everything done at once. When you are starting a new project, go about it gradually. You will be able to build your confidence this way.
*Smile, and the world will smile with you.

Note: Some of the articles(now and then till the end of lifestyle week) are sourced from different magazines.

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