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Top Social networking websites... continued

In the name hi5 the most important is the 5. "Give me five" and you slap the hand of your mate. That's where the name hi5 came in. hi5 has a wide popularity in the Europe and Asia. Alexa

ranks hi5 as the top 10 website globally. hi5 was initially founded by Ramu Yalamanchi and Akash Garg in december 2003. Within 7 months hi5 made 1 million members and followed by 10 million members in less than 2 years. hi5 made a very fast growth within so much less time, which no social networking website had ever done. According to officials there are now more than 89 million hi5 members and has 17 languages.

Like every social networking website today, you have got features like uploading pictures, music and videos. There is a separate section for the music composers or singers. You can get almost all english superstars songs in its library. Like myspace you have a complete freedom to change the skin of your profile. You get to choose from a very large list of profile skins or you can just add you own HTML and css to your profile. If you have a good design then you can also publish it to other's use.

There is a system of giving fives to the friends, and there are many types of fives you can give them. Creating friends is simple, maximum of two clicks and you can be a friend of one another. Profile comment is a very widely used method of giving regards to your friends, though there is the presence of scrap where you talk about anything.... ya just anything. With the pictures you have you can tag your friends. Members can join groups, and the college groups. There is wide variety of groups to choose from. They are like forums and you can discuss related topics.

hi5 recently has made several changes in their features. Now there are applications that bloosoms on your profile. The applications are made by third pary developers and have nifty featues. A shout box is added. Now there is an extensive use of AJAX so that the user feels it easy using hi5. As you log in to the website you can see the recent updates of your friends. You have success meter that shows how many friends you have, your scrap, profile comment and fives.

Nothing more to say from me guys, just check it out.


Known as the third most popular social networking site bebo is one shop for all. It is mostly popular in Ireland and United Kingdom. The site was founded in January 2005 by husband and wife team Michael and Xochi Birch and had a major relaunch in July 2005. Bebo was then acquired by AOL on March 13, 2008.

Profiles on Bebo contain the same sort of information which sites of these genre do. Whiteboard widget looked new feature where the visitors can use to draw designs or write comments. There is a google map which shows the locations of your visitors and there are many more widgets to add to your profile. You can rearrange the modules on your profile page and also create and name your own widgets. There is a large variety of skins to choose for the profile page. You can also make one and publish it.

Bebo has a huge music section named 'Bebo music'. Musicians can upload their music on bebo. Although the Bebo Music section is intended for use by musical groups, the facility is also used by many to form clubs or societies, or as unofficial fan pages for established bands. Songs can be played using the Bebo media player and also be added to user playlist. Video uploading is also provided and there are contests all the time where videos are judged by the members and voted. Featured videos can be added by members to their own profile.

Bebo currently allow users to add their AIM, Skype and Windows Live Messenger usernames to their profile. Members can chat with Skype friends on bebo. While mailing friends you can choose the different skin for it. Friends can write stories for you and you can highligh images of your other half.

Bebo has a fair share of controversies. Bebo is blamed by police in UK for being used by children to organise brawls and mess fights. In Northern Ireland there was a case where Bebo was used to organise a sectarian fight. Bebo must address these problems if they want to provide resonably safe networking experience.

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