Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Add-ons Eco system on Firefox

Firefox is a good browser, but it is the Extension Eco System that makes it a great browser. Extensions allow you to add functionality and convenience to your Firefox install and help you enjoy flawless browsing. So here is our top ten list in no particular order.

Think of it as Windows’ Aero/Linux’s Compiz/Mac’s Expose in your browser. You can preview and then open all your tabs via this extension in various 3D Views. You can select from six different views to display the tabs. One interesting and very useful feature is you can switch to Foxtab view (if you have multiple windows open with multiple tabs in each of them) and it will show all the tabs from all the Windows for easy switching in full 3D glory. If you find yourself frequently working with more than 20 tabs, some of which were opened a few hours before and have difficulty in remembering what is there in what, this extension should significantly reduce your neural processing load. You can download FoxTab from

While shopping at Ebay US or any other site, you would’ve wished the prices were displayed in rupees instead of US dollars; or there were no adds or sponsored results on the Google search page. May be even Google image results open directly as the full size image. This extension is the genie’s reply to all that and more. This extensions allows you to customise a web page on the fly based on small bits of Java scripts that can be downloaded according to what you want from .

With the aid of this extension you can make your choosen web sites fit exactly into your desired mould. For instance, you can add video download functionality to video sharing site like youtube, OR disable all ads on myspace OR change the appearance of gmail and lots lots more…With the a strong and large user base, you can be assured of customisation, in the form of a user script. To get this add-on, go to

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