Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some PTC bux sites that do pays - I've used them

The bux websites have been brought down by numerous scams which many of us have encountered. So I after registering to many PTC bux sites and also getting scammed found some good bux sites that really pays. Here's the list. Ahh if you found this worthwhile then do register through my referral.

The links on the top have similar design, so don't get confused. Actually they are made from same bux host which makes them look alike.
Update:13-02-2011. The top PTCs actually need investment ($6) for the payout. Sorry for the late information.

And if you want to find out for yourself some good PTC sites then here are some tips:
1. Try to look out for old PTCs as they have more userbase and more likely honest PTC.
2. If some PTC offers high pay per ad (0.02 or heigher) for free members then they are probably scam.
3. If a PTC boasts of paying high amounts to the members then first check its total users(like in above picture) and creation date. New PTC boasting high payments are more likely scam.
4. When looking out for new PTC do Google on them for their payment proofs and user reviews.
5. IMPORTANT: Always read the Terms and Conditions before you register.
These are just some of my thoughts on PTC. If you have any good PTC to recommend do share with us.

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