Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Skeweezelt - Convert any weblink to a mobile-friendly page

While Opera Mini is a great browser and serves all the required purposes, the problem with having a Windows Mobile interface is that for a lot of applications, links will still open in Internet Explorer by default.

Smartphone users are painfully aware of the shortcomings of IE, the biggest of which is opening a full size Web page.

Programmer John Cody of OmniSoft got tired of going through the same on his handset and decided to create a simple tool that should be put onto every single WinMob phone without a second thought.

The idea is simple: If you're opening any link - be it from an email in Outlook or from an RSS feed - Skweezelt will offer to compress the page to a mobile friendly layout, making it easy on your Internet Explorer.

However, you can still opt to view the original page if you so desire. When you click on a link, the application pops up and asks you whether you want to "Skweezelt". Choosing 'Yes' will perform the appropriate compression, while 'No' takes you to the default page as-is.

Now, installing Skweezelt is a bit of a tricky issue, as there's no CAB fire for the same. It requires a few simple changes in the the Windows Mobile registry, and we advise you do the same only if you're comfortable with it. Additionally, don't forget to back up the registry.

Thankfully you can see the detailed instructions on Omnisoft's forum, and even get replies to any trouble you may encounter.

Still, Skweezelt is definitely worth the one-time installation hassle: The page loads quicker, you save on bandwith, and it's easier to read. It's simply great!

Platforms: Windows Mobile
Price: Free

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