Monday, August 24, 2009

How to make good conversations on Omegle?

When the Omegle first launched then everyone stormed into it, everyone were so excited. I too was excited for what was it. Talking to strangers even with their name as "stranger" was quite interesting. I got to talk with some pretty good strangers and had long conversations sometimes. But now as the days grew older the long conversations seems to fade away.

Now a days;

Stranger: hi
Stranger: have you checked Xanka on Bebo its fabulous
Stranger: they add new games every minute!
Stranger: sorry got to go now

This is the one I got recently and more
Stranger: My name is Claudia, u can see me here live on cam Im the first blonde

Omegle has now become home for spams. In every 10 conversations about 8 starts with these spams.

So how to make a good conversation on Omegle?
1. When you see the conversation starting with the above like sentences then just disconnect from the chat.
2. Just start with a simple "Hi" for instance. Even try this one "My name is ... what is ur name?", it might sound a bit geekish but it worked.
3. Don't wait too long for a response. If there is no respose then you can disconnect from the chat and start a new one.
4. If you get the response try talking about the possible topics of interest. Just get any random topic, and do change it if the conversation is getting boring.
5. Listen to what your stranger says and reply to it honestly as necessity. But don't give out ur personal information just yet.
6. Even making fun of your stranger is not bad for running a good conversation, though there is no gurantee the conversation will be long.
7. Can you disguise peoples? Try it to the stranger. If you are a man then try talking in woman ascent. I found talking as a woman is a good way for long and good conversations.
8. If the time comes where one of you has to go or you are ready to exchange contact information, think about starting with an email address.

Try them and they are not bad for health.


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