Saturday, August 8, 2009

Facebook -- Simple Plan Best time pass
ATTENTION: This game is highly addictive.
I really don't know how to give it a good phrase "Simple plan for Best time pass", not bad i guess. I would love to hear from you guys. Here's what is it for. The "Crazytaxi". By just viewing the starting part (main menu) of it you can't guess what it is made of. Although not made of steel, you will stick to it at least for 2 hours a day.

Even look at the pictures. They don't have the icandies; just a flat car..., only kids will play this game..., ain't that what you are thinking?? Even when you play the game it has only flat animations like the car flips left right so much like the old flash games.

The game control is simple. You can move left, right and jump. You accelerate with up arrow and reverse with down arrow.

On the first you start with WTF is this game. Then you make a score, you find out you are last ranked by the score. You will want to increase it to better. The new score is a little better, why not make it ever more better. Well the thrust of being better makes this game so special; and also this simple game is able to do it in the most effiecient way. Eventually you won't want to leave this game untill you finish on the top ranking or either you die playing the game.

The scores are updated frequently and shows the high scores on your friends list and also the world wide rankings. It will be quite a while when you make through the world wide rankings.

No more words. Great game, play to see.

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