Sunday, May 16, 2010

Online life together with Threadsy

Following the trend right now in my blog here is what you need for your many social connections to get in one place. Gone are the days when you could make do with a single email account for all your social connections. But now with the likes of facebook and twitter you may well be close to abandoning your email altogether. Threadsy is a new web service which attempts to salvage this mess by bringing in a social context and relevance to your email inbox.

Threadsy allows you to pull in emails from multiple accounts into one inbox, where you can manage all your messages. Unlike the traditional way of forwarding all mails to one account, or using Gmail's external email checking features, Threadsy gives you more control over each inbox separately as well. Adding an email address is simple as entering email address and password. If you use either Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live, AOL, or Mobile Me, you are done. YOu can also add custom IMAP account if you use other services.

While email is central feature of this application, the main premise is to add social connectivity. It lets you connect with Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Threadsy divides your communications into two columns -"inbound" and "unbound" panels. The "inbound" column shows all the messages that are addressed to you. The "unbound" column lists all social updates from your connected sites.

Threadsy makes good use of your social data, adding profile images to your email conversations to make the experience richer. As you view an email message from a friend, Threadsy displays all their social data aggregated from multiple sources.

The best thing is that it is browser based. No need to download.

Click here to use Threadsy.

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  1. hi! this is cool!

    btw, u can copy and paste the widget code in pagerank.