Monday, May 17, 2010 - Distribute your blog to twitter, facebook and more.
Whenever I post anything to my blog I always link it to my facebook and twitter account. It is little slow to log in to the accounts and publish it. So recently I have tried this application called It is a free application that lets you publish your posts to your facebook, twitter and other accounts. I will let you know more after this.
Post Update: When I posted this post and checked on my twitter page there was no tweet about the post available on my blog. So I logged on to my account then checked my twitter page; it showed my post then. At last  works. Must had been an error or my misjudgement for it not showing my post at first. Anyway I will be using it for quite a while now.
Post Update:Now anyway works fine. Whenever I post new posts then it delivers it automatically which is what it is supposed to do. The previously informed problem would never have existed as might have taken some time to post on twitter and facebook.

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