Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Facebook - Not Friends or Blocked? Not a big deal!

You have been having some creepy guys out there stalking at you. So you blocked them from your Facebook friends list; you get relaxed then. But by passing days you may find out that they are still watching you. Here's how people actually stalk on facebook.

Handling blocks(or not friends): Just search the name of the person you want to view and click on it. You will be taken to his profile and see his status updates, photos and other stuffs. BUT, If he has perked with the security settings and stoped unknown peoples from viewing his post then you won't be able to see his status updates. 

Handling blocks(blocked from post): A friend has blocked you from their posts? No worries, you can still find out what they've been up to. Type their name in the search bar and click on See more Results for X. Check out the list of events and wall posts and photo comments under Posts by Friends. If you want more, go for View All Posts by Friends.

Photos: To view a photo album put up by somebody who is not on your friend list, find a friend of theirs who allows public viewing of their wall. Now, amongst all their news feeds, you'll see: X commented on Y's photo. Click on the photo, and just keep clicking next. *Wink Wink* you just saw their entire album without actually being friends.

The Last Resort: Make a new facebook account and fake him/her as friend, send friend request and wait till he accepts. Rest you know.


  1. Or... just be conscious of what you post on Facebook. Privacy online is a huge misconception. We need to be diligent with regards to what we share.

  2. Sad for the stalkers now. Its now gonna be a little difficult for u guys. All hail to new facebook privacy settings.