Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you seen the Opera Unite? It really Rocks.

Been long that opera had been recommending me to upgrade my Opera 10 to 10.10. Today I just gave it a go. And holy cow, it was all worth it. There is a new menu on the Panels name "unite". The file sharing feature, Fridge, Media Player, Messenger, Photo Sharing and a WEB SERVER.

The last one caught my eyes. WTF! my computer a server?? Hell Yeah. I cannot get the perfect word to describe the New Opera Unite. Just fabulous, wonderful. The server did worked fine too. I loved this part very much.

I was a little pinched with the media player that when I play a song another song starts to play. Even if I stop it it doesn't stops. And I need to go to the playing song and stop it in there. Must have been a bug but the interface is really good.

Oh sorry not to tell you, the media player plays songs from your computer and can be shared with your friends on Opera(not any others). Also the messenger feature is available to only Opera users. For Yahoo!, MSN would have been a great boon. Anyway no problem with those.

The file sharing feature is also great. I don't know if my computer need to be ON to download the shared file from other computer which I suppose must be. It must be like your computer is a file server now...

There is also a Fridge menu. I could not figure out what it does exactly because till  now I have no friends on Opera. They say its for notes that your friends or family writes for you like "Lunch on 9am". Must be a good application to connect and help friends.

And what is this??? More applications?? There are loads of Opera Unite applications over there. Oh I can't get to them all now. I will be writing about them time to time.

If you have used Opera Unite share with us some worthy applications. I saw the webcam there.

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