Sunday, February 14, 2010

E-Cards for your Valentine

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.  ~Latin Proverb

Anywhere in the world you are and even your love one's are far away why not send them some real flowers and chocolates?? Also have a nice  valentine card for 'em. Here are the list of sites for the E-valentine Cards.


This is a Nepali Ecards site. It has both flash and java based ecards, also plain picture ecards are also available. The java based ecards have some great functions and you customize them(rain, water drops, fire, etc) as you like, but use them artistically not they can be real messy. You can also add the tunes in the card but only some selected ones.

Another Nepali website for Ecards. This one has the Flash versions of E-cards. Some of the greatest quotes for your valentine can be found here(though you can always the search the web).

These are the ones I recommend to you all. The top two are the international ones and the 3rd, 4th are Nepali websites that are worth mentioning.

Go wish you valentine!

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