Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook New Design Rolls Out

There had been plenty of groups and fan pages in facebook supporting one goal "changing the theme of facebook". Not quite as expected but still worthy facebook new design has rolled out for limited users as it will be later supplied to all.

Facebook has been testing out the new profile design for the past five months but for the first time ever, they have released the new full site design.

The first noticeable change is a complete removal of the left-hand sidebar. Instead all of the links have been moved to a wider sidebar on the right hand side which appears to be double the size of the original. The applications have been moved to two different locations in the header and to the right hand sidebar.

There is a new drop-down menu in which users can view all of their applications. It’s not that great though if you have hundreds of applications installed as it takes a fair amount of time to browse through the applications.

The top of the newsfeed now displays links to the publisher box on the new profile. This enables quick access for posting new notes, new photos, new videos and sharing links with your friends.
There is now a new friends page. While it is not substantially different the friend lists have been moved from the right hand side to the left hand side. The width has also been expanded to accommodate the new site design.
As for the limited users only, I have not got to use this new facebook in my username but in my friends id it works. And the simple and innovative design is cleaner and much simplified with added features. In coming days facebook will be providing this service to more users (probably all) hopefully please mine be faster.

For furthur details visit Facebook Blog


  1. you must be unluky one!I and all my friends have got the new facebook! Though the design is good, i still feel hard to digest it. I liked the sidebar that shows the online peoples.

  2. No worries now! I got it!
    The new facebook is here for me now.
    I see it has changed the feel of the games i played like Mafia wars..