Saturday, September 5, 2009

Opera 10 with... Turbo!!!
Ok you firefox and chrome guys have you heard it or not but probably the worlds fastest internet browser has just got even more faster, by the release of 'Opera 10 with turbo'.
What it has?
* Opera 10 utilizes a new page compression technology that helps Web surfers on 3G or slow Wi-Fi connections browse the Web at “broadband-like” speeds. Opera boasts that Opera Turbo enables the browser to pull pages at 8X faster than its rivals when dealing with slow connections.

Opera 10 allows users to resize a browser tab by pulling it down, which shows a thumbnail image of the page. This is a handy tool for power users that keep multiple tabs open at a time, and would like the benefit of “at a a glance” tab identification. These “Visual Tabs” are on top of the browser by default, but can be moved to the sides or bottom.

Opera 10 now has a more attractive interface than previous versions.

* Other tweaks include a more flexible Speed Dial bookmarking grid, 51 language spell checker, improved e-mail client (with threaded conversations), Opera Link synchronization, and 40-percent faster page loading over Opera 9.6.

Something Missing?
Still I find some of the big websites like google, windows live mail, even blogger fails to shows the interface as it looks on the firefox or internet explorer.

In this war of browsers opera has lacked to the 5th place. Is Opera 10 worth better? Why not give it a chance, try it.


  1. good article....opera has always been better than other browsers when it come to speed...

  2. now there is Opera 10.10 unity
    version available. I will be reviewing about it in comming days