Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Live your life and let others live!(in harmony)

I hadn't had some good new for you guys lately so coudn't write for you. Must I was much busier with my real life. Ahh! here is a news from Miley Cyrus.

“I'm done tryin' to please, I ain't livin' for tabloids, I am living for me,” the 16-year-old singer and star of Disney's hit TV show Hannah Montana sang in a “Goodbye Twitter” rap posted on YouTube.

Cyrus, a busy Tweeter with a following of more than one million people, made headlines on last Thursday by suddenly quitting Twitter, a popular microblogging site which lets users from celebrities to businesses and politicians post messages .

“The rumors are true, I deleted my Twitter,” she sang, saying she had started “tweeting about pimples”, had stopped “living for moments” and instead had “started living for people.”

“Everything that I type, Everything that I do, some gossip site makes it news,” she added.

This mess in her life is unbearable for her and only found quitting twitter is the right way.

However not long after she quit the fans chanted to re-open her twitter account and you will see how much it will last.

Any way living a public life where others get to know what ever you do for entertainment must have been difficult.

At last let it give me some guts to remove my facebook account.

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