Thursday, September 3, 2009 - Share everything - A review
Just another version of social networking websites around you is Flixya. It lets you share videos, photos and blog. You can add friends to your network and comment on each other.

Not that exciting is it??

Here the thing that might excite you a bit, you can monetize it and it give 100% ad revenue. Don't take it wrong for if it has its own ad service; its from adsense (aww, for someone). They just publish your ads and not take a penny from it.

To add more things: You can upload your own video or attach other videos from google video, youtube, dailymotion etc, upload you own picture ( you can't attach them from other websites), and you own blog if you have seen enough of blogger and wordpress.

Everthing sounds quite well huh!

See the website and at least go to 2 videos or photos. It would be sun rising from west if you didn't see the comments like "hit+", "I like it"(you will know the meaning of it, once you use it) and similar comments. What are those?? They are for the ads to be simple. The network in which one is exchanges the hits or impressions for the ads and sometimes clicks them too.

This website was not created for this purpose, but peoples find different uses you see.

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