Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Music on your Mobile Phone - de softwares

It was the Walkman that started it all. The ability to listen to one’s own music while on the move was unheard of before Sony popularized a compact device which let you play your audio tapes – any place, any time.

Then, Apple came along with the iPod and changed the came. Cassettes were out, MP4s were in. The device got smaller, sleeker, friendlier. The next frontier was obviously the mobile phone.

Before the iPhone became a reality, Sony Ericsson and Nokia had already come out with a fair share of mobile phones dedicated to playing back MP3 songs. And the increasing sales of the XpressMusic and Walkman phone series only bolsters the popularity of this medium.

But enjoying a musical experience is much about software as it is about hardware. Sure, with horrible headphones or a output abilities, you won’t ever enjoy your tunes. However, you need a good software that is easy to use, decodes your songs well and lets you relax all the work intuitively. And it has to do all of that while being light and efficient.

KD player
In mobile phone side of things, KD player has been the king of this sector. The program is meant primarily for regular Java based phones, although it will work on most Windows handsets with a screen resolution no bigger than 240 * 320 pixels.

You install the small file less than 150kb and start it up to see a simple interface, homely to users of Sony Erricson. Hit the Menu button and browse to where you have all your songs stored. KD Player will scan the folder and put your tracks in its library for easy access. KD Player supports ID3 tags and also the album artwork added to the ID3 music file can be shown on the screen.

You can also create playlists with KD Player and save them for future use.

The best part, though, is that it can run safely in the background without taking up too much RAM.

On online you can find lots of help, tips and tricks regarding it. You can also find various skins and skin packs to jazz up the looks.

Platforms: Java
Price: Free

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