Thursday, June 25, 2009

Opera Mobile 9.7 Turbo Beta 1 Released
Opera 9.7 Turbo, sounds vaguely like a sports car doesn't it!

For those still stuck with Java phones, Opera Mobiles gives the ability to surf an almost complete rendition of the internet. It is almost synonymous with a fast mobile browsing experience, and it's secret?

Opera's own proxy servers which relay the web traffic to you after compressing and resizing images and removing stuff your mobile cant handle anyway. OK, fine, they aren't "secret".

Somewhat strangely this facility had been absent from Opera Mini's elder cousin Opera Mobile. Which is a version of Opera for phones which are a bit... smarter. However Opera Mobile 9.7 will now utilize Opera Turbo servers which will ruthlessly compress away the fat and resize the images to make webpages a fraction of their original size, before sending them to your screen.

Opera has been very successful in dominating the mobile browser market, thats to its unique features and fast speed, and best of all zero cost. With competition from browsers like SkyFire, which provide similar features, however it may need to do better. This will certainly make Opera more attractive to those people using Smartphones but it still need to beat skyfire's fratures such as full support for flash and online video. For those of us still runningjava phones though, Opera Mini is still your best friend.

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  1. No doubt Opera mini is the Best.
    I wish it could be on the PC too.