Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Microfi Nitrogen MP3 Player

After the overpowering of media player by the iphone, someone had to come up with a descent media player which would at least make you proud of having windows mobile. So these guys from Microfi, presented Microfi Nitrogen MP3 player with quickly became one of the most downloaded MP3 player for pocket PCs.

The biggest selling point of the Nitrogen is that it was intended to use purely with one’s fingers. The stylus has hampered Windows Mobile users for too long, especially when it comes to tiny keys on media players. The big fat keys on the Nitrogen ensure that you will always hit what you intended to.

The menu, in fact is what draws you to Nitrogen. It is simple, good looking, and devoid of any delusions of grandeur. Another attractive factor is the speed of the application. Nitrogen opens so fast, it makes you wonder whether it was running in the background all the time. Of course, this could be largely due to its small size, clocking in less than 2MB of storage. And not to forget, those colorful great skins: there are lots of them.

Nitrogen uses the open source MAD decoder for its high-quality MP3 playback, delivering crisp audio. The OGG playback is taken care of by the OVD decoder.

The playlists are very handy, letting you add files with ease and change the order on the fly. The ‘repeat’ and ‘shuffle’ are just icing on the cake.

Nitrogen has a robust equalizer with 10 presets and a customizable option.

The one feature it’s still missing is fast forward and rewind, although Microfi promises he’s currently working on this and should have it figured out soon.

Platforms: Windows Mobile
Price: Free

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