Tuesday, October 4, 2011

imo.im Instant messenger for all the Networks

Well most of the networks, imo.im is a great browser based, desktop and mobile based application(iPhone, iPad, Android, Java) to chat with your multiple networks of friends. AIM, Facebook, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo, Hyves, Steam and VKontakte are the current networks imo.im supports.

https://imo.im/download.html - For the Windows
You can Instantly Login through any of your username and add other later.
When you login with skype you may also want the video chat feature, and guess what you have it. Though it doesn't incorporates with the original skype video chat, it actually has its own. You can also do video chat with your contacts in facebook, msn, yahoo and other networks. When you do video chat with one of your contacts imo.im send a link to your contact and when he/she clicks the link he will be sent to a video chat page, thus you can do the video chat.

You can even play games with you contacts. When you select a game a link will be sent to you and ur contact. Visiting the link will let you both play the game.

Try yourself this great new Instant Messenger.


  1. is that also server website ?
    and what is the url of IMO for iphone ?

    make facebook application

  2. https://imo.im/iphone
    Or you can search IMO.im on iphone apps from your phone.:)

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