Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Convert your documents (pdf, doc, txt and more) to your Language

Google docs is a great application, you already know that. There are numerous features available on Google Docs. For starters if you haven't noticed the small 'Translate Document' from the 'Tools' menu, this is the right place to know. You can translate files like pdf, doc, txt, html, xls, docx.

You can translate you documents in two ways :
1. Google Translate
The link translate a document can translate you documents fast and easy.

2. Google Docs
So there is Google translate to translate your documents but why use Google Docs? If you just want to translate you document then Google Translate will suffice, but with google docs you can edit your documents. The ability to edit pdf files is the most exciting because there aren't much of free and easy to use pdf editors out there. To edit your pdf files you first need to upload them and convert them to google docs. You can do it as
Select a pdf file to convert  > Actions > Made a google docs copy. 

After you have made a copy then click on it. You will be taken to editing mode for that document. From the page in menus >Tools>Translate document. Then choose your language to translate the document into.
You can create a copy of the translated document, download to you computer.


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