Friday, March 5, 2010

Probably the Fastest browser on Earth! Opera Launches 10.50
The New Opera 10.50 has now been released officially. Previously it was it testing phases.
So Chromie!, came to my mind on the first sight, and why not? Like in chrome the tabs bar is on the top of the window followed by address bar. The menues are nicely arranged in on button with "O" on the top left. It feels good, I must say. The design looks great on vista or windows 7 and looks a bit weired on windows XP.

What the hell!! Blues!

It is said to have greater advantage over other browsers on the JavaScript based websites. It delivers a noticeable performance boost on JavaScript-intensive websites. This change is significant and marks a philosophical shift for Opera, one that puts the browser in a stronger position for the future. However some experts explain that safari and chrome still give better performance than opera which beats Firefox.

Another major addition in 10.50 is support for private browsing. Opera's implementation is a bit more clever than the one in Firefox and Chrome. In addition to being able to create a private browsing window like Chrome's incognito mode, users also have the option of creating a private browsing tab without needing to open a whole separate window. Private browsing tabs are marked with a special privacy favicon that makes it possible to tell them apart from regular tabs.

Could not find much glitter on the windows XP. Though in Vista or Windows 7 it has Aero Glass, as well as supporting Aero Peek and Jump Lists. You can also access your speed Dials and tabs from the taskbar.

Also to note there is a new tab called Follower tab.  I still could not figure out what does it do at all.

Opera is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download it from

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