Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cursor*10 - Co-operate with yourself

Cursor*10 is a new game in the Flash Games category that will hook you up. At least for 10 minutes or may have unimaginable impact on you. It surely did to me for 10 minutes and then I just could not beat my self. No competitors but you yourself.

In this Flash Game you race against your self, your mouse movements does it all.

You have 10 possible runs using a cursor, to make it to the 16th level of a building. Each run is tracked by the game so the ghosts of your previous clicks are essential for you to unlock certain paths that let you navigate to the top. It may be necessary to sacrifice one run just to ensure that the other cursors can make it up faster. It's a game where you co-operate(oh! better to say co-operate than compete) with yourself.

You need to watch this...


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