Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Smile Effect - Today You Smiled
I don't know what got into my mind and I am posting about this website (blog actually). Its just like I feel great. Surfing this blog is a very good relaxation for me you know, all the time hooked into the internet, facebook. Its just another crazy enjoyable thing about internet you get recharged by new things that comes up.

Ok about the website
Have you ever stopped someone, asked them to smile… then later thought how you may have impacted their life?

I have, and it is a great feeling. I take pictures with my camera of people at random in my town then post them here on my blog.

I give them my card which has the url and tell them to check it out in a couple of days. It is a great feeling.

I hope you can appreciate the bigger picture I’m trying to show… that the only thing separating my smile and their smile is the camera.

Two complete strangers bonding only for that given time for the sake of the others benefit.

Just think about that….
As written by author! I need no more to explanations that this blog has pictures of peoples (anyone, strangers) with smile on their face. I loved the theme of the blog; by watching other smile it also can make you smile.

You know I just can't get the correct word for this blog's idea. This is a brilliant idea.

Although, you can also have your pictures (smiling ones) posted in the blog. Just send your photo entire album of pictures to with a brief description of your photo. Then he ( the blogger) will email you when your pictures are posted in the blog.

Keep on smiling and show your smiling faces to everyone.


  1. Thank you very much for your entry !!! I was totally caught off guard :) it makes me feel really good that I'm doing this when I read kind words by people who stop by...

    Truly, I really appreciate what you did!

    Thank you very much!


  2. A nice and unique type of websites or ideas always excites peoples. Yours is no exception!

  3. hey, ican relate to your last post, i love surfing the net, in fact i don't know if i can fall to the category of facebook addict.

    nice post btw...


    we can exchange links if you want, just let me know. visit my blog.
    have a nice day.

  4. Thanks Jenskie
    For now i have not thought about the link exchange, but who knows.
    I will let you know first if i change my mind.