Sunday, December 20, 2009 - Listen to Free Music!

http://www.grooveshark.comLately I landed into this superb website for listening to free Music. Sorry to be late, as it had been into the web since couple of years.

* Grooveshark is used for searching, streaming, and uploading music free of charge.
* The iTunes like interface makes it eye-candy and also easy to use.
* There is a huge database of songs in its collection. Like 7 millions and increasing!
* Users can upload their own library of music.
* Users can save their favorite songs, albums and playlists and access them from any PC on the web.
* Users can view the libraries, favorites and playlists of other users.
* The site offers one-click widgets for embedding a song, album or playlist to Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon. So sharing with friends is really easy.
* Unlike other music applications it recommends songs based on the similarities in people’s profiles and favorites.
* The process of streaming could not be easier: you simply browse to the site, enter a term in the prominent search bar which takes centre-stage, and press play. Albums or individual songs can be listened to; some albums have limited content, but some well-known ‘records’ are represented accurately.
* If you wanna download a song then you need to pay about $0.99 per song.
* Registration is free and is not required to listen to music on the site. Registration is required to save songs, albums and playlists and to save favorites or embed widgets to Twitter, Facebook or StumbleUpon.


  1. Wow is this weird or what!! i'm listening to songs from Grooveshark right now!!! Yeah, i totally agree with you, this is the coolest website to listent to new songs!!! I dont have to wait for them to hit the radios. Totally rad!

  2. Must have been luck.

    Empire State of mind feat. Alice Keys, by jay z is the song to listen for me.
    The lyrics and the music are great.