Thursday, May 7, 2009

Top 3 Website Statistics Trackers

For making a successful blog or website you need to know where the visitors are coming from and what people do when they visit your blog or website. Here are the 3 top website statistics trackers.

1. Googleanalytics
Google Analytics is considered one of the most comprehensive website tracking tools. Reports are available to the most minute detail and, users can set up custom reports, which comes in handy for bloggers who like to track specific advertising campaigns. You can even know what version of flash they are using. Browser and OS identification are common ones. Google Analytics is available for free but provides reports only upto 5 million pageviews a month. Thats more than enough for small companies and individuals. The unlimited version is available for the Adwords users. Plus if you don't want your visitiors to know that they are being tracked then this is one with no advertisements.

2. StatCounter
Well must say the 2nd top website statistics tracker, this ones why I don't know is keeping its user intact. It is available for both free and paid users. For free users there is a limit of 100 visitors. Yes they keep the details of last 100 visitors only. (Google google!) Upgrading to 1000 pageloads costs $9/month, 10,000 pageloads is $19/month, and 25,000 pageloads is $29/month. Do you understand?? (I think I don't. Please let me do) An additional detail to add: they don't have report for bounce rate. Expensive though useful I guess.

3. Sitemeter
Actually I have seen more SiteMeters than StatCounters: must have been the visibility difference in them. Sitemeter is preety easy website statistics tracker to use. One of the unique aspects of SiteMeter is the Traffic Estimator which looks at your historical site traffic and will give you expected traffic estimates for the coming hour, day, week and month. It's fun to see bigger numbers sometimes.

The interface: Thats superbly bad. No eye candy stuffs. Just plain.(Simple interface, sophosticated technology, thats what the chrome says) Though basic stuffs on the free version but has quite a good things on the paid version. The first is an invisible counter. In addition, it will tell you which search engines bring you the most visits and the most page views. It will also list the exact phrases that were typed into the search engines to find you. This kind of information is especially valuable if your are counting on getting a lot of your traffic through the search engines. See the difference between free and paid version and evaluate for yourself.
Free version:
Paid version:

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