Thursday, May 14, 2009

O&O FormatRecovery, Thank you very much
I must say this one(FormatRecovery4.0) is the software that has made me the most happiest in my life (and the MS XP the for the most saddest day of my life).

A virus infected my computer which I could not remove by any means. The anti virus could not run because the virus canceled any activities to its threat. The task manager and registry did not run either. Then at last I went to re-installing my XP. I tried to install the XP from the windows: As I finished some clicks and it restarted then it showed the old DOS like interface. One thing was fishy as I could not see the drive selection window and I soon found myself into trouble as I choose to format the drive automatically selected by the Windows. The drive was found to be the heart of my computer (not the OS drive). Shit all my works were gone. I had no backups anywhere. I spent the day hating my hurryness to re-install XP.

I could do nothing but work with what I had. Then I removed the viruses from a renowned anti virus and spent my lazy days trying to recover my lost files. I tried some restoration softwares but in vain. They could do nothing but show empty files.

Then I got this software (O&O FormatRecovery) from my friend. When I fist run this recovery software it was very slow (still slow). But incredibly it showed some 200,000 files that could be recovered. It took about an hour to show all the files. I was quite happy though. It had some irritating stuffs like; it took about 10 mins to show up the files, 15 minutes to uncheck all the files and viceversa. But at last going through the final steps, saving the recovered files and see that they work perfectly thats the most happiest part. I recovered about 5 Gigs of files with almost all files in perfect condition ( I just saw 1 file showing 0 Bytes, thats only one I found).

Thanks O&O FormatRecovery, you are the best recovery software I have found.

Sorry if I bored you with the story.

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