Monday, January 14, 2008

Watching "Tare Jameen Par"

It had been a long days that I hadn't seen any movie, except the saturdays. I need to say today was my day, i got chance to watch "Tare Jameen Par", a hindi movie. I had heard a some about it, that it had a very good story, your eyes won't stop watering and bla bla. I watched a lil 15 min late but i didn't think i had to miss a lot of it.

There was a boy named "Ishan" who was like a baby to talk about reading. He made me remember my Brother, he had almost same face and god damn the 2 teeths coming a lil out. However my brothers handwriting is better than him, just better only.

The film starts like showing the life style of the boy "Ishan" like waking up late, trying to read, getting punishments at school, etcs. Then one day his parents fade up and send him to the Boarding school. What's next, here starts the real show.

The boy is far from his parents so he is sad all the time, he doesn't give attention in class and gets punishments here too. Then comes the Amir Khan(I forgot his name in the film) the co-actor of this film at the intermission. He gets to know the problem of the boy and help him slove it. He does it really good. Then there's a happy ending.
Sorry for a short and conjusted story. That's a good job by Amir Khan. I got to know that it is his first direction of a film; and it was great. He has really brought "Tare jameen par"(stars on the ground).

It's the years top 10 movie to watch, i bet on it. Ah a suggestion while watching this film; get a hankerchief with you.
Don't just sit here Go and watch.
"Tare Jameen Par", a movie worth watching.

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