Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Aww.. Adobe edge is not for windows XP

Ahh.. I've been waiting for Adobe Edge since I heard about it. I love web designing and trying the new thing (HTML5 and CSS3 ); I was very excited. So, today I got the chance to download the Edge from adobe website. After finishing the download of about 67 MB in a slow connection I quickly tried to open the magic box. I was really excited about it. Then.. a error appeared. Just an error; "oh, doesn't support XP error!, Bullshit.". Ahh! can't tell how my excitement died down for a while. Read more about it and found the edge really didn't work with XP. I can't even get Windows 7 for my dying old computer.
I'm really angry at Adobe. They make so many softwares and can't even make them work with XP (most used OS, I said). Even the ITunes works on XP (Guessed that was irrelevant) how can edge not work on XP.

Anyway for newbies, Adobe Edge might be the replacement for aging Flash and a free replacement (Yeah! its free for now). Edge is a builder for HTML5 and CSS3 websites. You can do the animation much like in the Flash and use it in your website without any additional addons (Anyway your browser needs to support; any latest browser will support HTML5 and CSS3). However you have used Adobe flash then your will be at home with Edge, because the interface is much like Flash.

I just hope (\/,) they get it for XP .

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